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Department of Surgery and Obstetrics

The Department of Surgery and Obstetrics has been flourishing independently as an important clinical department of the Faculty of Veterinary Science since 1984 by splitting the former Department of Medicine and Surgery. The department runs by 15 skilled teaching staff. It focuses on teaching, research and extension in the areas of veterinary surgery, anaesthesiology, diagnostic imaging and theriogenology.

The department offers Master of Science (MS) degrees in Surgery and Theriogenology as well as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Around 421 students completed their MS and fifteen did their PhD degrees from this department. The department serves for the animal in Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The department has adopted state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of soft and hard tissue surgery, wound healing, skin and muscle grafting, management of fracture, herniorraphy and hernioplasty, anesthesiology, diagnosing imaging, reconstructive surgery, blood and plasma transfusion, semen cryopreservation, embryo production, vitrification and embryo transfer. Researches have been conducted on determination of reproductive parameters of animals, reproductive biotechnology, detection of pregnancy, control of mastitis, herd health management of cattle at island char areas, establishment of RIA and ELISA, semen preservation, prediction of fertility by sperm examination, AI, MOET, IVM and IVF techniques. Laboratory and clinical facilities include small and large animal operation theatre, anaesthetic machine, general surgical instruments, diagnostic imaging including radiography, ultrasonographic scanning, pregnancy determination by progesterone-ELISA and evaluation of semen by flourescent microscopy and 3D. The department provides training to field veterinary surgeons on reproductive health management, AI workers and farmers for development of skill on livestock production. The department provides community veterinary health care services through outreach patient care, diagnosis and treatment of animals at BAU Veterinary Clinic.

Department Head

Dr. Jayonta  Bhattacharjee
Dr. Jayonta Bhattacharjee
Contact No : +8801718192740
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